Thursday, 25 April 2013

Larry Page Confirms that Android Run's Google Glass

Hey Guys,

I have more beautiful Google Glass news!

So, recent interview, Google’s very own Larry Page has confirmed that Google Glass definitely runs the Android operating system. While it was widely assumed so, an almost obvious to me, no official confirmation has been made until now. While it is a modified version of Android, it is nice to showcase the immense flexibility of Google’s operating system and it’s diversity in cross-platform.
You might be thinking, what is the relevance of this? Well, integration with Glass and your Android powered smartphone or any other device would be incredibly easy and most likely recommended.

So everyone, does this confirmation make you guys any more excited for Google’s Glass’ impending release? If so share you point of view in the comments below!!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Google Glass Companion App, “MyGlass” Arrives in Google Play Store

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Following the information on Google Glass I delivered a couple days ago, I have found out a companion app made by Google from the Google Play Store, MyGlass. The app will be used to configure and manage a Google Glass device. It should be pretty obvious that the app is of no use to anyone unless they have a Google Glass device, but Google makes that quite clear with their description:
If you don’t have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time. Sorry about that. But if you swipe the screenshots to the right you’ll see there’s a picture of a puppy in pajamas. So not a total waste of time after all.
So basically, a Google Glass app is in existence, Google can't spell pyjamas and PUPPIES IN PYJAMAS.
If you wish you can take a look at the puppy below!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Google Glass, Stuff That I Forgot to Talk About

Hey Guys,

You may have heard of Google Glass before or you may not have. I for one had heard about it a while back but it seems I have forgotten to talk about it her. I apologise about that. As I have not told you anything about it I feel I should do so now.

Google Glass has not been released yet but they are "smart" glasses, so to speak, engineered by our future overlords, Google. This actually revolutionary product that look a lot like sun glasses but have very intelligent Android type features such as video recording, searching, video calling and many other commands.

The idea is that you have a small, partially transparent screen on the top corner of your glasses and line of view includes that corner. This means you can easily see your navigation route or viewing your calendar just by looking a little to the right. I mean, who doesn't want a virtual computer interface in the corner of your eye? To have more of an insight on what the interface looks and feels like be sure to click here!

Everything operates via voice command and brags it's convenience and mostly awesome. The glasses themselves look quite stylish and they claim to be strong and light. To find more information on what potential it has click right here!

Unfortunately, I've been too late to tell you about this for you to apply for a free pair :( But you can still get involved in the conversation with the hash-tag #ifihadglass, and if you would like to stay informed visit here regularly or fill in the form here!

Next iPhone Rumoured to Have 12MP Camera?

Hey Guys,

The iPhone 6 or 5S or whatever dull name they to call it, you can bet a next-gen model is coming, and I'm starting to find a few rumours of what we can expect inside it. According to a new report, it’s packing camera tech to take on the likes of HTC and Nokia with a 12-megapixel camera and some crazy-ass-low-light super powers.

A source at Wonderful Saigon Electrics, the Vietnamese branch of a Japanese company that supplies cameras for the iPhone, has revealed to the guys at that the next-gen iPhone will come packing an improved camera, upping the eight-megapixel sensor inside the iPhone 5 to a whopping 12-megapixels, just like the S4's 13MP camera.

If the source is right, other added imaging features too, such as improvement in HDR video recording, a feature that’s making its way to some of the higher end Android phones and greatly improves performance in shots of extreme brights and blacks.

The Vietnamese site has been spot on with information before as they posted a hands-on video of Apple’s new Earpods before they came out, and correctly predicted that the iPhone 5 would have an 8-megapixel camera too. Of course, it’s worth taking the rumour very lightly until Apple unveils the next iPhone, but I’ll do my best to keep you updated on all the news along the way!!

So.. what are your opinions on the camera? Still feel 8MP is enough? Or will you be going for the extra 1 MP with the S4? Share opinions in the comments below!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sony PS4 UK Price and Release Date Revealed. And It's Reasonably Priced!!

Prepare for some next-gen gaming, as a next-gen console will be coming later this year, the Sony PlayStation 4 is set to sell in October and according to a new report, you can get one for £300. Which is pretty awesome!!

The Sun states that Sony will be launching its new console in October, which matches up with what Sony said when the console was announced last month, that it would be released before the end of the year. The launch price, however, looks to be a lot less than what Sony wanted for the PlayStation 3 when it first launched back in 2007 for a crazily priced £425. That’s a big drop, but it makes sense in a world where £99 Android consoles and the free to play businesses exist, threatening both Sony and Microsoft’s expensive consoles.

Although this is all speculation from The Sun, not the most reliable newspaper at the best of times, at this point all hints are proving it to be reliable info, and I'd be disheartened if I heard anything different later down the line. Sadly we still don’t know what the console will look like, as Sony is keeping quite about the design and some of the specifics, but we do know it’ll come with a revamped DualShock 4 with a new touch pad, stream down PlayStation games and let you brag to all your friends with that new Share function.

Will you be keeping October free in your spending calendar so you can get your hands on the PS4 or are you firmly holding out for the next-gen Xbox? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Google Translate Finally Gets Offline support on Android!

Hey Guys,

So I'm sure at some point in your lives, you have been abroad and struggled with the language. What is the solution?? A phrasebook may seem useful, but you won't seem fluent. And using for phone for Google Translate will incure major roaming fees, until now...

Google have sent out an update for their Google Translate app that allows you to translate languages OFFLINE!!!

As long as you own an Android phone with 2.3 or up, you can grab the updated app from Google Play and translate 50 different languages offline to your will. You’ll need to download the desired language pack first to use it without a connection, so plan ahead before you leave, and once you’ve got them saved to your phone, you won’t need to scramble around for a free Wi-Fi hotspot again just to ask a local where the IT cafe is, or the cheese shop.

Google says that the offline translation dictionary is slightly less comprehensive than any online result, but it should still prove useful and help you in a situation where you need to ask someone directions or try and have a conversation.

So, will you be using this useful feature, or do you have an iOS device? Share your opinions in the comments below!!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Galaxy S4 Up For Preorder

Hey Guys,

The Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t hit the shelves until the 26th April, but if you just can’t wait to get hold of the full HD, turbo-charged Android smartphone, there's some good news for you; it’s now up for pre-order with your network of choice.

Vodafone, EE and Three have all now made the Samsung Galaxy S4 available for pre-order, as have stores Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U, and you can predict that O2 won’t be far behind.

Each network are trying to give their own offers with it: EE is providing accessory packs worth £55 thrown in for pre-orderers, while Phones4U is offering up to £100 in Google Play vouchers for those who opt for a Samsung Galaxy S4 on EE 4G through the store. I would go for the Phones4U deal.

If you can cope without 4G super speeds (or you don’t yet live in an area with LTE coverage), the best deal so far is with Three, which is offering a free Samsung Galaxy S4 on a two year contract for £35 per month, with unlimited data, 500 minutes and 5,000 text messages. That offer is crazy!!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is shaping up to be a true iPhone slayer, with a massive 1080p screen, quad-core processor and 13 megapixel camera, plus the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on board!

What is your opinion on the best deal? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Digg to Create an Improved Google Reader Replacement

Hey Guys,

In hearing Google’s latest decision to drop the Google Reader, Digg has announced their efforts to replace it with another RSS reader of their own. In a recent outline released by Digg, they hint at what their new feed reader design goals will be. According to Digg there are four “key points” behind the basis of the
I created this picture with the Digg and RSS logo's
All myself!!
  1. Keep it simple, stupid
  2. Make it fast (like, really fast)
  3. Synchronize across devices
  4. Make it easy to import from existing Google Reader accounts
Although I'm guessing that most RSS readers aim to be that way.

Digg says that Google Reader had room for meaningful improvement, despite doing a lot of things right. Its goal is to create a “clean and flexible” service which ”bends easily and intuitively to the needs of different users.”

Apparently, social services like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Hacker News will also be linked in to the reader platform. Which were not given any attention during Google Reader’s lifetime.

They say that they "don’t expect this to be a trivial undertaking. But we’re confident we can cook up a worthy successor." They also say that "In order to pull this off in such a small window, we’re going to need your help. We need your input on what you want to see in a reader. What problems should it solve for you? What’s useful? What isn’t? What do you wish it could do that it can’t today?"

To send them or input or if you would just like to know the latest news about it click here!! Or if you would like to see the original Digg Blog post click here!!

What do you think is necessary in an RSS reader? Already found an alternative? Please share you thoughts in the comments section below!!