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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Windows 8.1 is Ready. But.....

Yep, you guess it, it's a massive but! It will be unavailable to the average human being until October.

Only yesterday, Microsoft completed Windows 8.1 it has been seeded to manufacturers. But us less important must wait until October 18th. Strangely, MSDN and TechNet subscribers won’t get an early look in despite the face they ARE developers, but that's just how Microsoft rolls I guess.

The reason this matters to technological society is this means Microsoft get another shot at getting into the glorious tablet market as this will only be available for tablets. This also seems like Microsoft are slowing down the whole PC market thing as tablet's are supposedly taking over the pc (I personally disagree).

So yeah, that happens. Windows 8.1 in 2 months

Monday, 18 June 2012

Logitech G600 MMO Mouse has 20 GAMING BUTTONS

Hey Guy's

I am probably the worst person to ask about a gaming mouse or an MMO game, but I do know one thing.. 20 BUTTONS IS QUITE ALOT OF BUTTONS. But according to The Gadget Show, "It’s an arrangement that actually appears to make sense – with the majority of the buttons situated on the side for wrist-ache-free-convenience.

There are 12 buttons where the thumb would usually sit, these are divided into 6 sections which are customizable to the game. The buttons can also light up and can be doubled up for an even quicker response time.

Although the mouse is called MMO, it can also be used as a general gaming mouse and set different settings for different games. This is all kept in the mouse's internal memory.

And if you have lag problems then Logitech state "It's 8200dpi laser sensor eliminates any lag issues" The weird and wonderful mouse is due to come out in early July for about £69.99. LOL 69! And it will hopefully have a left handed version for left handed people.

So what do you think? Is 20 buttons too much? Too amazing? Or just plain stupid?