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Saturday, 31 August 2013

BlackBerry Prematurely Announce Multidevice BBM Release

Yes. BlackBerry have made the ultimate noob move. They successfully managed to state the release of the Android and iOS BBM apps before they become available.

There are 2 things to gain from this. First of all, this gives the impression they have successfully made either one or both of the apps and they will be released soon and a friendly reminder that BlackBerry are very bad at everything. Unless they are purposely building up hype but I don't think that's the case.

So yeah, just thought id let you know this happened. BYE!

JUST SO YOU KNOW: This was first discovered by CrackBerry

Monday, 20 May 2013

BBM For Android and Apple??

Hey Guys,

What are your thoughts on BlackBerry? Boring? Not innovative? Only good for BBM?

Well that will change soon..
Last week at BlackBerry Live, CEO Thorsten Heins announced that they will be making BBM available to download for Android and iOS devices. This basically means that BlackBerry is just turning BBM into a WhatsApp or Kik messenger service.

Heins tries to rectify his decision in saying that it is a "state of confidence" and “The BB10 platform is so strong and the response has been so good that the time is right for BBM to become an independent mobile messaging platform.”

The app will be free on both Android and iOS. Much like other messaging apps, it will be a standalone application. iOS 6 or Ice Cream Sandwich will be required.

To begin with, the app will only offer basic messaging and group features. But Heins promises that the rest of BBM will eventually make its way to the Android and iOS versions including screen sharing, BBM voice and the just-announced BBM channels.

Heins proudly stated "We are making the BBM platform more powerful than ever!" but he is obviously an idiot because people only buy BlackBerry's because of it's quick messaging and the BBM service. 

I will obviously downloading this app because it will support my argument in saying BlackBerry phones are pointless and only have the ability to browse and chat, making them an average instead of Smartphone. 

There is still no sign of BBM on Windows Phone but no doubt, they just forgot about it. It is likely that the Windows OS will soon have an app.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know your thoughts and your opinions by commenting below. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Next iPhone Rumoured to Have 12MP Camera?

Hey Guys,

The iPhone 6 or 5S or whatever dull name they to call it, you can bet a next-gen model is coming, and I'm starting to find a few rumours of what we can expect inside it. According to a new report, it’s packing camera tech to take on the likes of HTC and Nokia with a 12-megapixel camera and some crazy-ass-low-light super powers.

A source at Wonderful Saigon Electrics, the Vietnamese branch of a Japanese company that supplies cameras for the iPhone, has revealed to the guys at that the next-gen iPhone will come packing an improved camera, upping the eight-megapixel sensor inside the iPhone 5 to a whopping 12-megapixels, just like the S4's 13MP camera.

If the source is right, other added imaging features too, such as improvement in HDR video recording, a feature that’s making its way to some of the higher end Android phones and greatly improves performance in shots of extreme brights and blacks.

The Vietnamese site has been spot on with information before as they posted a hands-on video of Apple’s new Earpods before they came out, and correctly predicted that the iPhone 5 would have an 8-megapixel camera too. Of course, it’s worth taking the rumour very lightly until Apple unveils the next iPhone, but I’ll do my best to keep you updated on all the news along the way!!

So.. what are your opinions on the camera? Still feel 8MP is enough? Or will you be going for the extra 1 MP with the S4? Share opinions in the comments below!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Google Translate Finally Gets Offline support on Android!

Hey Guys,

So I'm sure at some point in your lives, you have been abroad and struggled with the language. What is the solution?? A phrasebook may seem useful, but you won't seem fluent. And using for phone for Google Translate will incure major roaming fees, until now...

Google have sent out an update for their Google Translate app that allows you to translate languages OFFLINE!!!

As long as you own an Android phone with 2.3 or up, you can grab the updated app from Google Play and translate 50 different languages offline to your will. You’ll need to download the desired language pack first to use it without a connection, so plan ahead before you leave, and once you’ve got them saved to your phone, you won’t need to scramble around for a free Wi-Fi hotspot again just to ask a local where the IT cafe is, or the cheese shop.

Google says that the offline translation dictionary is slightly less comprehensive than any online result, but it should still prove useful and help you in a situation where you need to ask someone directions or try and have a conversation.

So, will you be using this useful feature, or do you have an iOS device? Share your opinions in the comments below!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Alternatives to Google Reader

Google has announced the closure of Google Reader and we need to find an alternative to read RSS feeds. After my research, I have narrowed down the top 3!!


Feedly is an RSS Reader for the Google Chrome browser, as well as, iOS and Android platforms. 
Much like Google Reader, Feedly allows you to sort your feeds, use keyboard shortcuts and share stories to friends via Facebook and Twitter. This also has an auto "mark as read" feature. Below will be a first look at Feedly in the form as a video. Carry on reading for more alternatives.

Pulse is a picture based reader where the first thing you see is a picture from the post and a title. When reviewing it didnt work and you were unable to change the layout and I couldnt import my Google Reader data. Carry on reading to see the last alternative.

The Old Reader is designed to look like the old Google Reader, this is perfect if you prefer the retro over the modern look. The only problem is, it doesn't yet have a mobile app, but they are working on it. Another major flaw is that since the announcement of Google Reader shutting down it no longer works properly, so my review of The Old Reader is actually a tutorial of how to export subscriptions on Google Reader found here.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

BBC Sports Finally Arrives On Android

Hey Guys,

Over a month after the iOS version, but the BBC's dedicated Sports app has recently made it onto Google Play store. The free mobile app has been designed to work best with screen sizes up to 7-inch tablets, meaning you 10-inch screen owners may not get the best experience.

It'll work with all versions above Android 2.2 (Froyo) onwards. If you're still lagging on Eclair (2.1) then you should've installed a custom ROM about a year ago. Like I did

Like the iOS app before it, the Android app brings sporting news, live scores, commentary and analysis as well as live and on-demand video because seeing sport happen is much more exciting than just reading about it. But reading technology news is super duper fun. Right?

The video and audio features may require you to download the BBC's Media Player app too, depending on your handset.

To get the app. Click Here

There may be a review if I have time. If you want to express your thoughts on the app, please comment below

Monday, 4 February 2013

Apple iPad 4 128GB Revealed

Hey Guys,

iPad release info as promised!
Apple has just announced an iPad 4 with Retina display (If you don't know, the retina is the thing in your eye that allows you to see, therefore everything is retina display, stupid name) model with  128GB storage.

The larger sized iPad follows rumours that Apple was getting ready to introduce a new model. The new iPad 4 128GB is now the iOS device with the largest amount of storage. Previous iPad models have only offered up to 64GB storage. To be honest, Micro SD support would be much more useful as it would give you more choice on how much data you have and you can transfer it to other devices.

The iPad 4 will be available in october and will cost £639 for the iPad 4 128GB WiFi model, or £739 for the WiFi with Cellular model, which allows internet access away from hotspots.

Here is a TechRadar Review!

I think it would be silly for the new iPhone's and iPod's to have this much storage space. It really does seem unnecessary  but this is coming from a guy with a 120GB micro SD card, so it really depends on the Apple fans.

It would be good to know what your opinion is on massive memory iPad's, do you think it's necessary and worth the cost? And do we really need that much memory on smaller devices such as iPhone's and iPod's? I would be great if I could see some comments that I could reply to. BYE!!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hey Guys,

I know this is a bit late but YOLO. Anyway the long awaited iPad Mini has been revealed, by the looks of things, it's arrived to compete against the Kindle Fire HD and the amazing Nexus 7. And here are all the latest specs in comparison the the Nexus.

Size and Things

The iPad's thickness is 7.2mm and it weighs at 308 grams. Whereas the Nexus 7 is about 30% thicker and 10% heavier. Whether the iPad has an advantage here is debatable, this usually means the Nexus is stronger and some prefer a bulkier device to a thin and light device, this section is a matter of opinion. But I can imagine the iPad being favourable in this aspect. [1 point to iPad]


The iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch screen with 1024×768 resolution, ( Same as the iPad 2). The Nexus has a 7 inch screen with a 1280x800 resolution. Just to simplify the resolution comparison  the iPad's pixel per inch density is 163 and the Nexus' pixel per inch density is 216, so the Nexus' picture quality for each inch is better. [1 point to Nexus]. The iPad Mini's display has a 4:3 aspect ratio and the Nexus 7 has a 15:9 aspect ratio. This means the iPad Mini has more viewable real estate, but the Nexus 7 has a higher-resolution screen. I'd prefer the Nexus display.


Apple's 1GHz dual-core A5 chip powers the iPad Mini. It (probably) has 512 MB of RAM. The Nexus 7 uses Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip with four cores operating at 1.3 GHz each. The Nexus 7 has 1 GB of RAM. The iPad Mini boasts 10 hours of battery life, as does the Nexus 7. This earn the Nexus a point. [1 point to Nexus]

Internet Access

The iPad Mini comes in two versions, one with only Wi-Fi and one that pairs Wi-Fi with one of three different LTE networks. LTE 4G, of course, lets the iPad Mini surf the Web wherever AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless provides network access. The Nexus 7 only has Wi-Fi, no 3G or 4G. So it can only use magical wireless internet powers near a WiFi hotspot. But of course the 4G version of the iPad Mini will be considerably more expensive. [1 point to iPad]


The iPad Mini has a 5-megapixel camera at the back. It can also capture video at 1080p HD. The front camera shoots 1.2 megapixel images and can capture 720HD video. The Nexus 7 does not have a rear camera, but it's front camera also shoots 1.2 megapixel images and captures 720p HD video. This gives the iPad is a clear winner in this aspect. [1 point to iPad]


The iPad has iOS6, the Nexus has Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Nexus Wins! (Because I am biased) [No points to anyone because I don't want to seem totally biased]

The Price!

The 16GB Nexus 7 has the price of £169.99 (at PC World) and the 16GB iPad costs £269 pounds (at Apple Store). This gives the Nexus the biggest advantage of them all, Nexus 7 has an overall better value for money. [1 point to Nexus]

Adding up points!

This is the final judgement! iPad has... 3 points and the Nexus has.... 3 points. 


I think the Nexus is the better tablet, it's about £100 cheaper and all the specs more or less cancel each other out. And as you probably know, I will always favour an Android over an Apple.

Please Like and share.. this took over an hour


Borderlands Game Coming to iPhone and iPad!

Hey Guys,

We all know Borderlands 2 came out recently and it is a very fun game, and so is the original. So good, that the developers have been developing an iPhone/iPad app to go with it. To be called Borderlands Legends.

The Borderlands Legends description doesn’t give much away, but it does reveal that you’ll be able to play as some of the characters from the original version: Roland, Lilith, Mordecai and Brick. It promises a “strategic cover system.” They also said that they will have "randomised missions" so it will be just as fun to play over again.

We dont know when it will be out but according to The Gadget Show, it will be out by next month which isn't roo long away. At the moment we are unsure whether we are likely to get an Android version too but I will tell you if that happens.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Adobe Confirms No More Flash Player for Mobile Devices

Hey Guys!
Flash Player for mobile browsers was released by Adobe about two years ago now and since then more and more mobile devices have been able to access rich media content online. Also, Flash has been available for desktop users for almost 10 years now. 
Although Flash has had great success, HTML 5 has been installed on the most recent mobile phones and some phones are exclusive the HTML 5. This makes a perfect solution for deploying and creating content in the browser irrespective of the mobile platform. 
In a statement released by Adobe, they have stated that following the release of the upcoming Flash Player 11.1, Adobe would finish developing Flash Player in the browser and will focus on ensuring that all the major app stores allow developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR. However they added that they would  allow those who have the licensed source code to continue developing and release their own implementations of the software. All existing device configurations will continue to receive security updates and also critical bug fixes.

Adobe has stated that it will continue to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the mobile software industry, RIM, Microsoft, Apple and Google to help the HTML5 innovation in the future on their mobile web browsers.

So what do you think. Do you think HTML 5 can replace the Flash Player? Will people develop their own implementations? Or just leave it? Leave your answers in the commets!