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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Windows 8.1 is Ready. But.....

Yep, you guess it, it's a massive but! It will be unavailable to the average human being until October.

Only yesterday, Microsoft completed Windows 8.1 it has been seeded to manufacturers. But us less important must wait until October 18th. Strangely, MSDN and TechNet subscribers won’t get an early look in despite the face they ARE developers, but that's just how Microsoft rolls I guess.

The reason this matters to technological society is this means Microsoft get another shot at getting into the glorious tablet market as this will only be available for tablets. This also seems like Microsoft are slowing down the whole PC market thing as tablet's are supposedly taking over the pc (I personally disagree).

So yeah, that happens. Windows 8.1 in 2 months

Friday, 8 March 2013

Nokia Reveals the Budget Smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 520

Hey Guys,

Nokia showed off the Lumia 520 at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and it’s shows that the Finnish giant has its sights set firmly on the budget smartphone sector. Following on from the reasonably-priced and pretty awesome Lumia 620, the 520 model offers even more bang for your buck, with an estimated retail price of around £120.

Surprisingly, the budget phone runs on Windows Phone 8. Most recent and lets admit it, the most favourable version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. It also boasts a five-megapixel autofocus camera, 8GB of internal memory, microSD card support and a 4-inch touchscreen which is so sensitive it even works through gloves, this will possible lead to destruction of the new touchscreen, but will be a prime consideration during those cold mornings that hit my face everyday.

So... is there any bad things about this? Well to be honest, the only problem I have found is that the Lumia  isn’t coming to Europe right away. It will be first released in the Far East. But, with those kind of specs and that kind of price, I'm pretty confident that it will be worth waiting for, and it should make the 2013 smartphone decisions much harder to make.

There is also a beautiful promo vid below!

This is one of the best promo vids I have ever seen. It is perfectly composed will bright colours and happy music. It's just one of those videos that just make you smile and make the phones look elegant and more personalisable with all the different colours. I really think Apple just their book and learn how to create adverts, rather than creating monotonous ads with no life to them at all.

But that's just my opinion, and I want to know yours. What kind of ad makes you want to buy a product? Thinking of getting this phone? Please comment below to share your views.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Windows 8 Could be very bad for new Indie Developers

Hey Guys,

Markus Persson (AKA Notch), the creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang, has echoed Valve and Blizzard on the negative repercussions of Windows 8 for developers.

In an interview with the Reddit community, Notch predicted a bright future for independent game developers as long as there are "open and free" platforms to support their work. However, he believes that Microsoft's plans for Windows 8 could be a serious hindrance.

"If Microsoft decides to lock down Windows 8, it would be very, very bad for Indie games and competition in general," he said. "If we can keep open platforms around, there's going to be a lot of very interesting games in ten years, mixed in with the huge AAA games that we all love."

I agree with Notch, Valve and Blizzard. For brilliant games to happen we need to have more free platforms. Minecraft for example has been pretty successful and we want more great games like that, so it will be a great help if "open platforms" are around.